The latest Samsung smartphone released this year is known as the Samsung Galaxy S9.
Equiped with the fastest processor in a phone and astonishing 6GB of RAM.
It also has the first variable aperture camera in a smartphone.
The Galaxy S9 also introduces a better place fingerprint scanner.

Design of The Samsung Galaxy S9

The Samsung Galaxy S9 comes in 2 variants. The 5.8' display with a single camera.
The other is sized at 6.2' with dual cameras.
Both of the phones come in a glass sandwich design with metal frame around them.
This gives the phone a sleek and elegant design although it is a fingerprint magnet.


Samsung Galaxy S9 comes equiped with a 12MP sensor with a pixel size of 1.4µm and a telephoto lens at 12MP, but a smaller sensor with pixels size of 1.0µm
What this means is that one of the lens allows more light in which in return make for better images but we will let you be the judge of the results.

Here are some pictures taken on the Galaxy S9:

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Sample 1
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Sample 2
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Sample 3

Galaxy S9 Performance

The Galaxy S9 comes in two different variants which are region specific.
The first is the Snapdragon 845 variant which is available in markets such as USA.
Second is the Exynos 9810 which are available in markets such as Korea and Asia.
The performance difference for the two variants is negligeble so only the Exynos variant is used or testing.
CPU test were done using Geekbench 4.1 and GPU test were done using Antutu7.
CPU scores
Galaxy S9 CPU scores.

GPU scores
Galaxy S9 GPU scores.

The Galaxy S9 also comes with a 3500mAh battery for the 6.2' variant.
Although the larger display of 6.2', the S9 was able to last fully throughout the day and charges quickly from 0 to 37% in a mere 30 minutes.

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